Happy New Year 2017

With sincere and deep appreciation, Hippo Technologies says thank you for over 10 years of virtual world business service. Best wishes for 2017. Happy New Year!


Server restart completed

After years and years and years and years of smooth server operations, a problem occurred today. After running tests, and making inquiries, our top tier server host Rackspace revealed:

“Our engineers are aware of an issue affecting a portion of servers running Ubuntu versions 12 and 14 that are also running Apache. Further investigation has determined that this issue appears to be related to a recent Ubuntu update. The update is forcing Apache to perform a restart. The restarts have failed requiring a manual restart, that will fix this issue. Additional updates will be provided as new information becomes available.”

Your Hippo Technologies server admin performed the manual web services restart; and voila, the Hippo User Area website is up and running.

Luckily the server problem was fixed after just a couple of well caffeinated hours. Hopefully the Hippo server enjoyed a brief nap after all those years of steady service.

Have a good summer.

Original User Guides

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Original User Guides are now formally maintained at:


If you are fond of the legacy Hippo Technologies resources, you are sure to appreciate that these instructional guides remain intact, presented in the full glory of their original text layout and font.

For navigational help, a site header reads “Hippo Technologies Legacy Documentation,”
which includes links back to the Main site and Directory. The link for the User Guides Directory returns you to the User Guides portal page.

The User Guides portal page is available from the User Guides navigation tab of the main website, where our technical document editors are dedicated to helping with your customer experience by always improving the clarity of Hippo Technologies user guides.

The Original User Guides site is part of an overall infrastructure and website development effort. This legacy documentation work compliments related projects including a new documentation site, a support site, and a news site, to improve your customer experience.

Many thanks to our loyal Hippo Technologies customers.


Major Infrastructure Upgrade Completed

After 3 years of cloud server research, planning, implementation, testing, and fine-tuning, Hippo Technologies is now supplying service to customers via the Rackspace Cloud server infrastructure. Existing customer web accounts were automatically upgraded.

Hippo Technologies has a solid track record of steadily supplying service via traditional bare-metal Rackspace servers. We had been aware of scalability provided by “the cloud”, but did not want to jeopardize reliable performance. Rackspace began utilizing OpenStack and offered the Rackspace Cloud, which made a practical cloud server appear attainable. Thanks to the Managed Cloud Engineers for expertly scaling the architecture of a traditional bare-metal server to a finely tuned LAMP Cloud Server image.

This major infrastructure upgrade was our most ambitious project so far, as part of a plan to ensure that beloved products such as hippoVEND, hippoRENT, and hippoGROUPS continue to provide top level reliable service to supply your end-user customers.

Your upgraded performance is courtesy of these Rackspace Cloud world-class data center features:

Powerful processors deliver up to 32 virtual CPUs

Data-center-grade SSD design

RAID 10 storage

Fully redundant networking

Load balancer throughput

Happy New Year!

It is with sincere gratitude that we thank you our customers for relying on Hippo Technologies as your default supplier of virtual world business systems. We look forward to supporting our customers with trusted infrastructure improvements, feature development projects, user experience enhancements, and established first class customer support. We greatly appreciate your selection of Hippo Technologies to support you with ongoing services in the 2014 New Year.

Best wishes to you and yours in 2014!

New Website Launched!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying the summer, if you’re here in the sweltering United States.  I’d like to take the time to thank you for your continued support of all things Hippo Technologies, and keep you current of goings on at Hippo Technologies:

 We have a new main site, Hippo-Technologies.info, designed for improved site navigation.  To make remembering the url easier, there’s also Hippo-T.com. You’ll find product information pages there, in addition to support documentation, as it gets moved over from our legacy site. The legacy site will eventually be sunsetted, but is currently linked from the new site as well.

We greatly appreciate any feature requests you think of. You are welcome to use the “Tell us your product idea” widgets on our sites.

hippoVEND owners:

Here is a simple strategy sure to benefit your virtual world business. You’ve understood the indisputable truth that Second Life presents a truly immersive, 3D shopping experience.  You’ve embraced our inworld networked vending system to grow your businesses.  Since several years ago it has been common knowledge that the SL Marketplace is complimentary to inworld shopping, as a standard two dimensional website best used when one cannot access the 3D virtual world.  The simple strategy to keep in mind is that hippoVEND helps you win.

Aesthetically, with hippoVEND your customers enjoy a 3D virtual world shopping experience.  It is necessary that your customers’ inworld purchases can be simple impulse buys from a hippoVEND immersively close to their avatar.  It is a simple concept to understand the fact that hippoVEND gives you a double victory win, (1) shopping inworld, with (2) hippoVEND close in-front of your customers.

 Hippo Technologies is dedicated to innovative design which powers your business.

Genuine Hippo Technologies Service

Hello Everyone!

A recent New York Times article suggested that technology companies should focus on customer security before innovation. Hippo Technologies does indeed take this to heart, by following a keen balance of both customer experience improvements, and maintaining support service reliability.

To maintain routine security updates, the Hippo Technologies server (hosted by Rackspace) was upgraded. Since the upgrade, the new server is providing even faster performance.

A year or so ago Second Life added more underlining inworld payment checks, which allowed Hippo Technologies to develop, and release, the first hippoVEND version with transaction verification.

As pertains to individual customer security, Hippo Technologies is not in the business of offering anti-virus type protection products, and does not publish general, or specific, grid and MMO social process vulnerabilities. Ever attentive to improving the customer experience, Hippo Technologies implemented a user group verification process. Please make sure to activate your Members Only role to participate in the Hippo Technologies user group chat, if applicable.

hippoSUPPORT Pro subscribers are provided with the article, “Protecting your computer when connecting to virtual worlds”, which is located within the hippoSUPPORT Knowledge Base, and can help inform you on how to better guard your personal privacy. The article can be found within the Security Tips category of the Knowledge Base, available to hippoSUPPORT Pro subscribers.

Genuine Hippo Technologies support is free at the hippoSUPPORT website, where our technical support team carefully pays attention to help you. hippoSUPPORT is free, and just part of the Genuine Hippo Technologies Service ecosystem.

With our continued appreciation,
Samos Brissot
Minister of Information
Hippo Technologies

Introducing the Helpful Navigation Website

Hello Everyone!

Frustrated that you need to have separate links for support, and your system configurations, and access to product information? As the number of Hippo Technologies internet domains have expanded over the years, a side effect occurred where it becomes difficult to remember all of the URL web addresses. We’ve heard your lamentation and are working on a single starting point helpful navigation site.  As you are subscribers to our hippoNEWS announcements, you get a sneak peek of the new welcome website:


It’ll serve as the main portal for your Hippo Technologies systems, with easy to find links for support, your configurations, plus access to quick product specs and detailed documentation.  As an added benefit, it’ll allow us to quickly address typos, revise product guide steps, and add information.  Behind the scenes, technicians are working on infrastructure and website design planning. Development portal road-maps include a documentation site, support site, news site, and future ease of use planning. 

No worries on accessing information and your configurations in the meantime, as the legacy site will still be available for a good while, with its tried usefulness and reliability.

Keep checking back to see how it develops.

With our continued appreciation,

Samos Brissot
Minister of Information
Hippo Technologies